tPP71 Elevator Pitches and Packing

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

July 18, 2016

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Well I am in Las Vegas this week for Photoshop World so come find me if you are hanging around Mandalay Bay for PSW2016. As I was packing for the conference I came across a notebook from a prior life when I was dealing with marketing. In that notebook was some work that I had done with a firm on the 30-second pitch, 2 minute pitch and tagline/slogan work. As I looked over that work, grateful that I no longer do that full-time, I realized how important that work is to photography. There is huge power in being able to tell someone in a few words or a few minutes what your work is about. Making your language around what you do as a photographer clear, simple and cohesive has the ability to not only help you communicate to others but can also help you gain some clarity in making more simple and effective images.

I also had to pack for the trip, and much like the 30-second pitch, I realized that simplifying the camera bag, camera options and lenses can be a great exercise. You have to think about how you are going to see the world and what you will need to achieve that vision. Keeping your vision simple, keeping your words simple will likely lead to more effective images.

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