tPP66: the Lazy Photographer

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

June 13, 2016

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I was out shooting with a friend on the island, I really should have had my tripod with me, but I did not pack it for this trip. My friend caught me contorted in a corner looking for a way to use the wall as a tripod. He jokingly mentioned that I should have brought the tripod and was just being a lazy photographer. Truth is, I was.

That got me thinking about how we are lazy in our photography. At times in my own past, I haven’t been working on my photography and I thought of myself as lazy. As I have gotten a little wiser, I have come to realize that life is about a series of choices and we often have to choose an prioritize things above our photography. That is a good. Making sure that we have a happy and healthy life can lead to a more creative life. And yet, there are times when we might be lazy in our photography. I know in my own work I find that I at times might mail in a photo. As I got to thinking, I realized that it is so easy to fall into easy habits. My short list of issues includes:

  • composition and framing
  • processing
  • sharing
  • printing
  • researching meaningful work

As you think about your own work and creative life, I hope that you can find a way to separate your priorities from you perception of laziness and that where you do find yourself mailing it in that you push your boundaries to create something amazing behind the camera.

Photoshop World 2016

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