tPP65: Working the Layers in your Photographs

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

June 6, 2016

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As I look at my own work and the work of others, I have been noticing that the better photographs have something in common. Each of the photographs has a good working background, midground and foreground. The photographer has taken the time to make sure that all the elements of the entire frame work together.

When we first start photographing, I believe that we focus on the subject or the object that we want to photograph. After a while, we might start to think about subject matter or how that subject is perceived in the frame. As we continue to work on our images we learn about framing, compositions and design guidelines that make images works. One of the final skills that I think develops in most photographs is the ability to use all the planes of a photograph to help convey meaning and story. Using various parts of the photograph to overlap, separate and relate various objects and aspects of the photograph is something that makes really great photographs stand out.

As you look at your own work, I encourage you to really evaluate in both your effective and non-effective images how do you use the various dimensions and planes in your image. Do they relate and help with the image or do they hinder the viewing of the image. After you have looked back at your old work, try to apply those skills in the field. Find a location where you can set up and frame, compose and use the planes of the image. Once you have the elements in the frame, wait for something dynamic to happen. I think that you will find that when your images share a good frame, composition and plane development that you just need to have some patience to make amazing photographs.

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