tPP54: Secrets verse sharing

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

March 21, 2016

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This week I noticed a number of articles online talking about the secrets of photography. Most of them had between five and ten secrets that every photographer should know. As if there are these secrets that somehow have magic powers. At the same time I have been looking back and some journal entries from the past few years and found some interesting topics that I thought were worth sharing. I have to admit that these are not the great and grand secrets of photography, but I do think they can help you find some interesting ways to look at and experience your photography. In the podcast, I share with a couple of ideas about how to do what I like to call no camera photography which involves playing with haiku and 6 word stories to describe things you would like to photograph or see that you want to photograph if you don’t have your camera. I also talk about the idea of a desert island camera and what that camera would do and allow you to feel when you are photographing. Finally, I talk a little about the notion of guilty photography and how succumbing to guilt can keep you from moving forward in your work.

Photoshop World 2016

I an also so excited to be an instructor at Photoshop World 2016 this summer in Las Vegas. I am teaching four classes and I would love to see you down there this July. You can find more information over at

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A tale of distractions

A tale of distractions

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A tale of distractions

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