tPP48: Importance of storytelling

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

February 8, 2016

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This week focuses on the importance of story and storytelling in photography. Starting off as a conversation about editing (in photoshop) vs editing (for story), it occurs to me that we spend a considerable amount of time working on our photoshop skills but not a lot of time on our story telling skills. In this podcast, we look at the basic narrative structure of a story and how it can be applied to everyday photography.

Storytelling Concepts

Basic fictional stories normally have a simple structure:

  1. subject or main character introduction
  2. conflict arises
  3. action builds
  4. climax or resolution of conflict
  5. denouement

When learning to read a photograph, we should apply the same process of story telling. Can you identify all 5 elements of the story within the image? Can you create a story when looking at a photograph that contains all five elements? When you look at an image does it need other photographs to help it tell a complete story? If so, understanding the story can help you in the editing process.

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