Episode 100 Interview with author and poet Lori Kane

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

February 6, 2017

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Interview Month

The month of February is interview month. Each week will be a new interview with an artist. Each interview will focus on their creative process, current projects and how they create and find meaning in their work. This first week is the wonderful writer Lori Kane.

Lori is an essayist, nonfiction storyteller, and poet. Her most recent book is titled The Grace of Dragons: Receiving the Gifts of Dementia Care Partnering. In The Grace of Dragon’s, Lori shares essays and poems about her family’s experience with her mom Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition to writing on dementia and care given, she has written several poetry books as well as non-fiction books about finding meaningful work and making transitions in your life to finding work you love.

In this podcast, we talk about how her writing in shaped and influenced by her surroundings, and how creating that space helps her creative practices. We also spend a great deal of time talking about how to be a working artist when you are living in challenging times. As a writer, she has seen a shift in her work and approach to her work since the election.

You can find more about Lori using the links below.

Her website is www.collectiveself.com

Her books are on Amazon via www.lorikane.com. Or you can use the links below.


You can also find her on twitter @collectiveself or on facebook at her author page.

In the interest of full disclosure, Lori is my creative and life partner and one of the most amazingly creative people you can know.

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