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Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

March 23, 2015

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the Perceptive Photographer now on iTunes

I finally got all my ducks in a row and you can now subscribe to my new podcast the Perceptive Photographer on iTunes. You can find the podcast by searching for it in iTunes or clicking here.


If you aren’t a iTunes person, you can subscribe to the podcast feed here.


The podcast is focused on photography and the internal struggles to create work, understanding the meaning of your own work, the role of intention and analysis in creating meaningful work and interviews with some amazing but less well know photographers. As is life, I am sure at times topics will drift into the more technical, business or gear focus; but the goal is always to keep a focus on the passion and amazing gift that photograph is for all of us.

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Work is never linear

Work is never linear

This episode peels back the layers on how a non-linear approach to time can reshape our photographic journey and push the boundaries of our artistic process