Perceptive Photographer Episode 8: Thinking about your audience

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

May 4, 2015

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PerceptivePhotographerWeblogoPerceptive Photographer Episode 8: Thinking about your audience

In this podcast we talk about how the viewer and audience of the photographs we create is really about our relationship to our own work. It doesn’t matter if you are finding your audience or have an audience, ultimately art is about the creation of a dialog between the viewer and the photographer via the image. The audience gives us time and if we are lucky a little attention. If we are really lucky they are willing to engage in a dialogue about the work. We as photographers owe it to our audience to create meaningful and engaging work that challenges and pushes those conversations forward. Finally, we talk about how the conversations you have are the result of what you think of your audience. Is your audience smart and complex willing to give you time and attention or are they fast and quick where they lack any real engagement. If it is the latter, it is really on the photographer to create more interesting images.

Ansel Adams Quotes

“There are always two people in every picture:  the photographer and the viewer.”

“A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into.”

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