Perceptive Photographer Episode 3: Why I try to not like photos

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

March 30, 2015

Episode Number:

the Perceptive Photographer Episode 3

PerceptivePhotographerWeblogoIn this latest version of the Perceptive Photographer I talk about why liking a photograph is not necessarily the best way to judge an image. From the misguided feedback on social media with the Like button, +1s and tweets, it is easy to believe that an image quality is based on this quick snap judgment feedback. For images to really be understood and find their value, we need to look deeper into the photographs and move beyond a simple like and move towards understanding the photograph on a deeper level. In my own experience some of the best photographs I have seen are images that I don’t like, but those images have had lasting impact on me as a person and photographer.


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