Perceptive Photographer Episode 15: Working with inspiration and bias

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

June 22, 2015

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I love night photography and the tension that is created from the juxtaposition of light and shadow. The forms that move in and out of the darkness. I think it goes back to my rather fast run home from staying at a friends house to watch Alien late one night on HBO. I have little doubt that much of the inspiration for my night photography and how I photograph at night is directly related to that heart-racing run home.

Learning and understanding where our inspirations come from and where our biases factor into our work can be a huge help in understanding our own work. It can also really help us understand how we react to seeing the work of others when we are aware of how our own stories, bias and background influence our perception of photography.

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Defining your best work

Defining your best work

In this week’s podcast, we explore the elusive quest to identify the “best photograph” in a series, delving into considerations like emotional impact, composition, and our own personal bias.