Perceptive Photographer #31: Headlines and Titles

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

October 12, 2015

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I recently saw an article about how the iPhone 6s was a better video camera than a Nikon D750. The headline was something along the lines of iPhone 6s outperforms $3, ooo DSLR. The gist of the articles was that in daylight and under certain conditions the iPhone was better technology than a DSLR for video production. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise given the power of the iPhone, the headline-grabbing nature of the media and that the whole idea misses the bigger point.

Technology doesn’t ultimately make the story or create the image. It is a tool in the tool belt. Sure, as my dad reminded so many years ago when I was using a screwdriver for a hammer that the right tool for the right job makes a huge difference, it is not the only difference. As I sat there reading, I got to thinking about what got me to click on the headline. What was it about those 5-7 words that got me to move to action.

Headlines are titles or captions to our images. They are quick phrases that are meant to be informative, insightful and provide context to our work. In this podcast, I talk about how finding the right headlines can make a huge difference in your understanding of your work. I also look at how cliches and corny headlines can say a lot about the type of work you are creating. Just like in our photographs, we should be striving for meaningful, lasting work rather than fast-food cliches.

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