Perceptive Photographer #24: Key Critique Concepts

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

August 24, 2015

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I was recently asked by a listener about what makes a good critique session. While we have talked a lot on the podcast about language and critiques, in this episode we take a deeper look at the content that, in my own experience, makes critiques valuable. While some of the ideas might seem common place such as being honest and focusing on new insights about the work, the reality is that staying present in a critique is tough work.

You have to set aside you own ego and need to feel validated and focus on making the feedback you are giving really matter. You have to let go of right and wrong as well as good and bad to focus on moving a dialog for understanding forward. The ultimate goal of any feedback session to learn what is working and how to improve such that our work can be about what matters to us.

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