Perceptive Photographer #22: For the love of it

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

August 10, 2015

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As I have been thinking a lot about my own work and how I want my work to matter, it occurred to me that often times I am chasing the wrong things. Photography isn’t about finding the right style, being in the right magazine. It is about a story. The best stories are stories that you connect with. Stories that you love to tell. The photographer’s work should reflect that. I think that is the reason the best wedding photographers love telling the story of a wedding. The best portrait photographers love connecting with people.

I was really reminded of this when I was looking over the website of Jacob Lucas a local Seattle photographer. In one of his post, he talks about being on the Oregon coast with his dad and how great it was to share his photography with his dad. It was reading this, that I realized that image means so much to Jacob not because of the subject, subject matter, frame or any other photographic concept. It is special because of what was put into photograph when it was made. It is about real people and real relationships.

In this podcast, I explore what it might mean to have photographic method that focuses on creating images founding in the love of the creating of the image, viewing of the image and leaving your mark not in a museum, cover of a magazine but rather within oneself.

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Defining your best work

Defining your best work

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