Episode 127 Scaling the wall

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

August 14, 2017

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I have a couple of announcements to start this week’s podcast. Next week is Film Week at CreativeLive. Join me on the August 2st through the 24th. I am super excited to be one of the instructors. I will be teaching a black-and-white film class on August 22, and I will be teaching a large-format photography class on August 24. I hope you can attend both sessions. You can find out more at the creative live website.

As we work our creative process we often time find ourselves stuck hitting the wall creatively. This week I was inspired by a Susan Sontag quote on the impact of making photographs of meaning and being so caught up in the act that we miss what is happening around us. Many times, in my work, I find myself struggling to find a way to get around my process behind the camera.

By understanding what can cause us to get stuck, we can hopefully find a way to scale the wall or find a way around it so that we can return to our natural creative state.

I also mentioned in the podcast that I was on the RGGEDU podcast a few months ago. They have released Season 3 of their podcasts, and I am featured in episode 28. In that podcast, we talk all things printing and the history of photography. You can get the entire season or my podcast here.


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Celebrating the uniqueness of episode 444

Celebrating the uniqueness of episode 444

This week is episode number 444 of the podcast. In honor of the episode number, we are looking at three lists of four great ways to improve, have fun and make more photographs.

A question of quality

A question of quality

This week’s podcast dives into the questions of What makes a good photograph and how you choose between two similar images when picking one to have