Episode 123: How storytelling in cinema can influence our photography

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

July 17, 2017

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In this week’s podcast, we take a look at how some of the concepts that are used in cinematic storytelling can be applied to still photography.

Photography and cinema have always been joined at the hip. While one is an expanded scope for time, sound, and movement, they are still visual mediums that are about the capture of light. As I looked back at some of the movies I have seen in my life, I realized that there was a way to think about some of the storytelling elements in those movies and how they could be applied to my images.

Understanding how directors, actors and cinematographers, use light, costumes, color palettes, assumptions of viewers, and editing of the film all have an enormous impact on our experience of connecting with the story. By diving deep into a few examples, we can see how using some of those same concepts might be able to explain and jump start some of our work as photographers.

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