Episode 121: Well-played game and the well-shot photo

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

July 3, 2017

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Bernie De Koven is an amazing person that my partner, Lori Kane, has known for a number of years. Bernie is  all in on play and the importance and value of playing in everyday life. He has written more pages on play the pretty much anyone. He has a huge gift for sharing and helping people. I recently stole his his amazing book called the Well-Played Game from Lori. In this book Bernie talks about how we go about playing well. Focusing more on the importance of the community and players over the game, he is able to offer a number of insights into what makes a game well-played. In the end, we learn that well-played games are in many ways the same keys to a well-lived life.

Through his wonder sense of story telling and insights into play, we learn how we can build community based on purpose, safety, trust, familiarity, and conventions. So many of his insights seem like they are directly related to not just playing but also the creative process. In this week’s podcast, we examine some of the key concepts that Bernie presents in his book and then how they might be applied to the photographic and creative process.

You can learn more about Bernie over at his site. http://www.deepfun.com.


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