Ep139 In memory of my little brother: grieving, loss and photography

Hosted by Daniel j Gregory

November 6, 2017

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This past week my little brother, Jim, unexpectedly passed away. I have never felt the pain and sorrow that I have been living with for the past several days. My heart is truly broken. It has been a sucker punch to the gut and a 2×4 to the face times ten.

My little brother was amazing. He had a huge heart filled with joy, compassion, and friendship. He spent the majority of his career in wetland conservation helping to protect wetland environments for future generations. His generous spirit was something that impacted the thousands of people he touched in his life. He was always helping others, sharing a hug and a smile or just being present to share in a moment.

We were more than brothers. We were best of friends. While we shared different interest and paths, we were always there for each other. Although not a photographer, he knew how much photography was my life. Last year, when the new studio was just a big empty trashed up space of a garage, he came up and helped me build the analog part of the darkroom. I wouldn’t be able to make the work I create day in and day out without him and his help. I will never be able to make another photograph without thinking about him and everything he gave to me. I love you bro.


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