For 2018, I am hosting a number of in-person and online workshops. From learning about creating amazing black and white images to mastering your digital printing to finding how to create more meaningful work, there will be several workshops to consider. I am also hosting a number of workshops with Lori Kane, my partner in Silly Dog Studios. These workshops will focus on a number of creative topics and ideas. Look for both my photography and the silly dog dates in the coming weeks.

“I feel very fortunate to have met, worked and studied with Daniel Gregory. He’s thoughtful, engaging, and talented both technically and creatively.  I’ve had the chance to learn from him both one-on-one and in a group setting. He is a wonderful teacher and mentor.”

Jeff Merriman-Cohen

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Black and White Workshop Details

There is something magical about working in black and white. I think it part it is because the process harkens back to some of the foundations of photography. All the way back to those very first photographic images, black and white photos have always been a part of...

Creative Live Photoshop Week

I am jazzed to be a part of CreativeoLive's Photoshop Week in May. I have been a huge fan of CreativeLive from the early days and can remember talking with Chase about what a great model it was for teaching and sharing information. If you aren't familiar with...

The Perceptive Photographer Podcast

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Podcast #160 Who is your audience

This week’s podcast focuses on understanding who your audience is as a photographer. In general, there are two main groups of consumers of photography. There is the mass audience and then the art-elite audience. Both of these audiences are critical to supporting photographers, but they approach their viewing of photography and what they value is different. 

The mass audience is looking for artwork that we like and feel good at when we look at it. This is the type of work that you might find to hang on your wall because you love the place, color, composition. The standards are more along the lines of beautiful photographs that are well composed. This is a huge space to work in. Think of all the calendars, photo books, prints that you have seen. 

The art-educated group is examining work not based on beauty, composition or approachability, but rather from an examination of critical trends in contemporary art, breakthroughs in new directions of art and how current work is balanced against the prior history of the photographic medium. 

The challenge for the creator is to understand what group is looking at their work and giving them the feedback. If your feedback is coming from one group, but you are targeting another, you might find that your feedback is detrimental to your work. Neither group is more important than the other, but their approach is distinct enough that it can cause angst if you were looking for feedback of one group over another. 

The key is to do work that matters to you first and then try to get the feedback from the group you need rather than randomly hoping for critical feedback. 

Podcast #159 See, Perceive, Recognize, Act

In this week’s podcast, the focus is all about the process of seeing to capture. From the moment we think we see something to the point it becomes a photograph is a journey. Along the way, there are a number of steps that we take to make that happen. In my experience when we are working well, the process seems secondary, but when things are not going well, it is a challenge. As I was rearranging the studio with Lori this past week, I came across the above quote by Henri Cartier-Bresson that got me thinking about my process. 

That quote inspired me to break down my mental process into steps to see if I can figure out how to make my photographs better. I came up with see, perceive, recognize and act. At each of those stages, something important in the photographic process happens. By jumping ahead or lingering back in the process, I find myself missing some important images. So, this week I talk about how I came to be with this process and how you might consider this or a similar process to find your own method for better understanding how and why your photographs work or not. 

Podcast #158 Learning new task and what sort of photograph to show

In this week’s episode of the Perceptive Photographer we discuss two topics that can have an impact on how we create photographs and how we share photographs. The first half of the podcast, we talk about how to learn a new task that can be applied in our photography, and the second half we focus on what a photograph should be as an object or artifact. 

Learning a new task is all about the creative practice. Learning new things can add a lot of energy and excitement to our creative process. When we are learning something new, our expectations need to be balanced between how long it really will take with how long we think it should take. Sometimes when we are learning something easy and simple, it might not take very long at all to learn the task. But, when things are more complex, it can take a lot longer to learn. Knowing the complexity of the task can help you set your expectations and also release pressure when you get frustrated when things are happening slower than you want. 

As we move into the second half of the podcast, we take a look at some of the things to consider when you are processing and outputting your photographs. Photography is a very flexible medium and figuring out how you want to share an image and how the photograph should be experienced is an important part of the process. There are a lot of factors that can impact if your images should be prints, digital, composites or used in some other way. I like to consider some of these factors when I figure out how to create the final object that becomes the photograph:

my intention
the feeling I want the person to have when they/I look at the image
longevity of the image
manipulation of the image
replication of the image
the accuracy of the image.

In the next week or two, we will be announcing the workshops happening at Silly Dog Studios so check out that information when it is released in the next podcast or two.

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