Where to find Daniel teaching?

Silly Dog Studios isn't the only place to find me teaching or speaking. Here is a list of places to find me.

2021 NWCCC Conference

I will be presenting a 60-90 minute online presentation with a live Q&A session about printing on Monday, November 15, 2021. You can register for the event using the link below.

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Photographic Center Northwest

For the spring quarter I am teaching three classes: Introduction to Lightroom, Fine art digital printing and Advanced Color Topics.

Photographic Center Northwest (PCNW) is an educational institution dedicated to facilitating creation, conversations, and experiences of significant photography. Through courses, exhibitions, lectures, and outreach projects, PCNW provides access to the photographic arts, to professional and amateur photographers, and to the public at large.

Advanced Silver Projects

Advanced Silver Projects builds on the skills and experience gained in either Continuing Zone or Advanced Silver Printing. The course will allow participants to explore how to incorporate several aspects of both technical and aesthetic choices in developing their project and how those choices impact the final prints. The course is designed to allow each participant to develop a unique project they will work on for the quarter. Students will be evaluated on the successful completion of their project and objectives at the conclusion of the 10 weeks. Topics for the quarter will include negative evaluation for proper printing, impacts of exposure on prints, mastery of fine-art printing workflows as it relates to in-camera decisions, evaluation of the print and critique process.

Fine art digital printing

Learn how to produce high-quality fine art digital prints on PCNW’s Epson and Canon inkjet printers. Master a workflow, understand paper options, and develop critical color management skills that will ensure the best possible print quality. Learn how to read prints and understand which adjustments in Photoshop will help you achieve your vision. Develop the ability to create pristine digital prints from scanned analog originals or captures from your digital camera.


I have a number of courses at CreativeLive.

Introduction to alternative processing

Introduction to black and white film photography

Introduction to large format photography

Automating your Post-Processing Workflow

Digital Printing using Adobe® Photoshop® and Lightroom®

Kelby One


Visual Literacy
Essential Tools and Techniques for Making Beautiful Prints
The Craft of Photo Critiques

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