Lori and I got to Kauai late last night and there wasn’t much to see after dark, but we managed to find our hotel just fine and got to drift off to sleep to the sound of the ocean. This is my first trip to Kauai, and so today was really about just a quick drive around the south side of the island to see what was where. I was able to get a few shots today that I found interesting. The first was out the hotel window this am. A pretty good squall came thru early in the morning and after it passed us over, a pretty nice rainbow appeared.


After breakfast we headed out for our drive. As usual, I was able to find a broken down car to photograph, a few old buildings and a great old truck. Yes, I do see the irony in shooting broken down cars in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

We made a stop at Waimea Canyon. It was the middle of the day and really contrasty light,  but I still tried out a panorama shot.

These final images are taken on the beach late in the evening. I really love the color palette that these images were developed with and helps refine my experience of the solitude I experienced on the beach.