I just got back from a ten day trip into Montana, Yellowstone and Wyoming. It was an amazing trip with lots of great opportunities to photograph. The primary purpose of the trip was to take some photographs for a project I am working on, but when you are in such a beautiful place, you can’t help but want to point the camera at everything.

I ended the trip in Jackson, Wy and the Grand Teton National Park. As much as I try not to setup some expectations for a trip, I timed this trip to coincide with the crisp fall air and colors. I was really hoping for some great sunrises and sunsets that would provide me will that classic shot of the Oxbow or bend in the Snake river. However, anyone who travels with me knows that grey clouds seem to follow. I am not talking about soft light puffy grey clouds. No these are curl up with a wool blanket in front of the fire with a hot chocolate sort of clouds. At first, I could feel that voice in my head leading me down the road of disappointment and putting the camera away for a trip to the bar rather than deal with what Mother Nature served up for these few days. But I didn’t, put the camera away this time.

DJG_Tetons-1104I guess a little wisdom finally kicked in, and I stuck it out on those grey days. There is always a picture out there and often times you can get something interesting and unique if you stick with it. So as you can see, I didn’t get my images of the bright pink sky and mountains with the aspen glowing in the valley, but what I did get was some shots that I find interesting and unlike anything else I have from prior trips to the Tetons. In the end that is probably what matters. Making unique images and working with what you have. There is always a photo out there somewhere. I’ll have more later in the week about the trip. Not every part of the trip was cloudy. When it was I got to play with high sync flash sometimes, got to play with some cool and amazing gear from the folks over at BorrowLenses and the wildlife was crazy good this trip. More to come…DJG_Tetons-6681