Anyone who listens to my podcast or takes one of my classes or workshops knows that I am a huge believer in printing. IMO, there is nothing that will make you a better photographer than printing your work. In addition to the skills you gain, getting to see and share your work on the wall just feels good. Every time you walk by, you can enjoy the work you created.

One of the tricks I like to use when I am trying to decide what to print is to put it up in the digital living room. The image above is a stock photo of a living room, and I just put my photo in the frame over the couch. This helps me to imagine what my photo will look like in a living room. If I like what I see, I know I am ready to hit the print button. It is an easy and cheap way to test out a print. Heck, you could even photograph your own living room if you wanted to and put your virtual image up in your virtual house.

The other benefit of showing work like this is in the art of selling. When someone looks at your gallery and sees work they like, sometimes they can have a hard time purchasing the work. Part of that psychology is not being able to imagine it as a photograph on the wall. When you put some of your work up or share it in social media framed and on the wall, it can help someone imagine it on their wall. A small trick that can help produce real results.

So if you are on the fence about a print or want to help motivate yourself to print, I suggest you try the virtual wall trick and see what happens. You might be surprised and how it impacts you and your sales.