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For the past few years I have collected some of my favorite quotes when I am at Photoshop World. As in past years, I have mostly focused on the second day of the conference with the number of sessions and the art of digital photography there is just a lot happening on the second day to find great quotes. Although, I do have a few from the first day because there were just to many good quotes to pass up this year. Also as I looked over the quotes for the past few days it seems that overcoming mistakes and storytelling are big themes for me this year. Not sure that that means for me yet, but it is something to think about in the coming days and weeks.  So without further ado here are the quotes from day 2. Oh, but a special thanks to Jeff and Jessica for helping get a few quotes from some of the sessions I couldn’t attend.

Favorite Quotes from the Day at PSW

“It is about your relationships with people” — Lindsay Adler

“At the end of the day were are storytellers” — Joe McNally

“We fail more than we succeed, and we have to get comfortable with that…we have to continually adapt.” — Joe McNally

“Simple little things can make all the difference.” — Moose Peterson

“The more you are an expert the better your photos…do your homework” —Dave Black

“I love working at night you get the whole world to yourself.” —Scott Diussa

“Mistakes are really great” — Russell Brown

“An 8×10 from Wal-mart isn’t a print, it’s a placemant…you gotta give big prints.” —  Moose Peterson on give prints to pilots that he flies with

“I don’t know what is happening with that building on the right but it’s not good.” — Bryan Hughes

“When you are open the world is a big place.” — Jay Maisel

“You want to engage them (viewers) with the subject..and that starts the storytelling.” — Moose Peterson

“It’s in there somewhere.” — Dave Black after making shooting noises about filling the buffer rather than picking you moment.

“My favorite part of the histogram is the exclamation point in the corner basically saying you suck.” —Cliff Mautner

“We live in a world with 13 foot trolls who live in their moms basement.” — Scott Bourne in reference to trolls on social media.

“If you aren’t aware of your negative space, you’re not working with a full deck.” —Jay Maisel

“Life is theater in the round and you have to keep moving.” —Jay Maisel

“Carry a camera its a lot easier to take pictures.” — Jay Maisel

“Rejection is just an indication you’re knocking on the wrong door.” —Joel Grimes

“It’s fun to make pictures.” —Dave Black

“Continue to embrace your world in a child like way.” —Joe McNally

“Photography is a collection of mistakes on the way to a photograph.” — Joe McNally

“The world is an amazing place.” — Moose Peterson


As a person who loves quotes, I hope that you enjoyed these as much as I did.

September 7, 2012

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