I just upgraded to an iPhone for the first time. Up to this point I had been using an old Android phone, but it was lost somewhere in the greater Seattle area. So after a few frantic hours of searching, I wiped the old phone and planned on a visit to the phone store in the morning to get a replacement. I had planned on getting an iPhone as my next phone mostly because of my music which was all in iTunes. However, I was also pretty excited about having a better camera phone. My old phone was not a very good camera. Good phone. Bad Camera. So with a new iPhone in hand I set out to make my first purchase to support my new toy. It wasn’t a case. Nope, it was an Olloclip.

PR olloclip(tm) Combo 9 (12-2-11)

If you have never seen an Olloclip,it is the best iPhone accessory around. It is a tiny little device that fits in your pocket and slides on and off your phone with no additional hardware. It is made up of three lenses in one. One side has a fisheye lens. Flip the clip around and you have the wide angle lens. Unscrew the wide angle lens and you are ready to go with the macro option. The fisheye is about 180 degrees view which is crazy wide. The wide-angle gives you about 2 times the normal view. While the macro is a 10x magnifier. Absolutely an amazing piece of well thought out engineering.IMG_0083

The Olloclip comes with a lens cap for each lens and a small microfiber pouch to hold the lens. The bag comes in handy as my big fingers sometimes smudge onto the lens when I am in a rush shooting. You also have a couple of colors to choose from when picking your Olloclip. The build quality is excellent with aircraft grade aluminum and multi-element glass for the lenses. There are a couple of versions for the various iPhone models so make sure that you get a version that works with your phone or iPod Touch.


For the past few days, I have been finding myself playing around with the Olloclip and consider it to be the best photo App for the iPhone. Nothing in post beats getting a great capture. If you can get a true macro or fisheye image with the camera that is so much better than creating the effect after the fact in an app.  In this post are a few of the macro and fisheye images from my first few days with the new device. I do know that I am so much happier with my iPhone because I have an Olloclip.