You just have to keep at it! The hummingbird adventures continue

Most photography is about two things. Patience and problem-solving. For these little speed demons, you will have a lot of clicks that don’t work out, but if you pay attention when you review your files and learn from your mistakes, you can start to get the images you wanted.

One of the challenges when making images is making them your own. I have seen lots of other hummingbird images that look a lot like these images. For me, however, they are special because these are the birds I spend every morning with when I have my cup of coffee and they are the zooms that fly by my head a night when I am in the yard playing with the pups. They aren’t just some bird to photograph for collection. These members of the Scooby gang (as I call them) are part of my day and in that way, each of these photos is meaningful and unique to me.

July 9, 2021

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