VegasNightsGot to spend time with friends last night. It was great to catchup with RC Concepcion, Corey Barker, Mia McCormick and Adam Silversmith the night before Photoshop World 2015. It is always great to see everyone and catchup. Mia wanted to try out some night work for a project she was working on and the rest of us were excited to get out of town and check out the desert at night, so we grabbed a bunch of water and headed to one of the dry lakes outside of town.

It was a great night to sit out under the stars, watch the early meteorites from the Perseid show (which will be in full swing on August 12th), and ponder the nature of the universe. Even with the light pollution from the city to the northwest, we still had pretty clear skies and you could see so many stars and the Milky Way.

VegasDesertNightThese are a couple of clicks from the camera. Nothing fancy just point the camera to the sky and let the shutter run. Maybe not the greatest work, but they will always be a great reminder of spending time with friends. Maybe in the end, that is really what our photography should be about…reminders of what is important in life…friends, great conversations and being in awe of the amazing universe we live.