The subconscious is a great thing when it come to creativity. The ego doesn’t seem to be able to operate in the subconscious so amazing things happen when it is given some time to play.  So with the ego passing judgement on other things in my life, my subconscious has been at play with something that is starting to look like a new collection of work. Because of all this background processing, I find that at times my creativity sometimes eludes my own understanding of what I am doing. I shoot lots of images that all seem to have no home other than in the to-be-determined-later collection. Then suddenly for no apparent reason, they suddenly start to gravitate towards one another. It is like watching little balls of mercury roll across a table. They have a strange attraction for each other slowing growing as they merge into each other before becoming a single pool. Images from different years, places, subjects start to vibrate around each other and join together.

In looking back, almost all of my projects start off as just background noise waiting to be discovered as something meaningful. Eventually the repetition and pinging of the connections gets to loud to ignore. It reminds me of the great scene in Contact where Jody Foster’s character first hears the sound of the communication from Vega. The sudden shock of being sure that you are hearing something other than just noise; and yet so unsure of what you have found that you get overwhelmed at the pure excitement of what is happening. Then the reality sets in and you know that  you have something real. You explode with energy, excitement and passion.

This tiny little seed of a project is starting to feel a little like that. I am starting to see a pinging that is hitting over and over again. These images that were taken apart in location and time all the sudden have a mutual respect for each other; and in my endeavor to be hella creative all the time, they are pushing me to look with intention at this work to see what develops.

I can’t say  much more about what is will become, because it is still just a distant signal from a far off place. But, it is getting louder. I can’t wait to head out with intention and see what develops.