I have started working on a new project that I think will end up mostly as a fine art portfolio of work. Lately I have become fascinated by people who spend time looking at cool stuff on a 4 in screen. They are creating and capturing movies and photos, but I have noticed that particularly with the video that they actually watch the event on the screen rather than taking it all in. The screen becomes the way to experience the event you are at.

I love the amount of video and image people capture with their cameras these days–makes finding subjects easy. I love that something I love is becoming more and more accessible and easy to do. And I think that is why the portfolio project is starting to take shape, I have found something we all do at one time or another and it is reshaping how we experience the world. I don’t know if we experience more or less by seeing it in 4 inches or not; but as a photographer, I think that is a pretty cool thing to participate, document and share.