Kauai Waterfalls

Hawaii has been an amazing place. We have had pretty steady winds and intermittent overcast skies, but that has made for some great waterfall shooting.  These first shots are from Opaekaa Falls. This is a great little waterfall with dense forest and trees surrounding the actual falls. My first day to the falls I wasn’t really finding what I was looking for in a photograph. The sky was pretty cloudy with little texture, and I couldn’t find a vantage point that I really liked. Upon my return on the second day, I was able to find a way of seeing the falls that I really liked. The first image here is taken with a pretty tight crop on the falls and the second black and white image really shows the full landscape of the falls.

These last two images are from Wailua Falls. From the viewpoint you are looking pretty much down on the waterfall, but what caught my attention was the patterns in the cascading waves of water falling down the cliffside.

All images were captured on a Nikon D700 with Lexar UDMA compact flash media.

March 31, 2011

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