1. Facebook has a hell of a lot of photos. It is estimated that users will upload 30 billion images per year based on 2009 usage. If I were to use a Nikon D3s, which shoots 9 frames per second it would take over 100 years to shoot that many photos by myself.
  2. Being a photographer is a lot of work and you can’t just rely on a series of small steps to be successful. Zack Arias has produced a great list of things every photographer should know to become a “pro”. I learned that I will not get to be a pro because I like to wear socks on my hands and I don’t live in NYC. Thank you Zack for keeping me grounded 🙂
  3. No matter how much gear you have, someone has made something else that you think you might need to be a better photographer. You can spend a whole day looking at things to buy from BHPhoto and Adorama filling your cart and emptying you bank account.
  4. Photography is the art of capturing light onto a light sensitive material. Continuing to discuss the divide between analog/real/traditional/alternative/digital/mixed-media photography and what is real photography and what is not is the art of expressing opinions into a light emitting computer screen. Pick any forum.
  5. Saving all of your images no matter how bad or out of focus might not take up a lot of space on your hard drive or in a file cabinet but get enough and they will take up a lot of space.
  6. Copyrighting your work is actually pretty easy.
  7. Photoshop can’t fix everything and not everyone should have a copy.
  8. I love seeing new things in hometown that I have never seen before.
  9. The best photographers share a lot and ask for nothing in return except for you to share back (Strobist, Scott Kelby, Chase Jarvis, Joe McNally, John Paul Caponigro to name a few)