10 things

  • A day shouldn’t go by where you do not take a photo
  • The best photographs are images that surprise in imagination and inspire the next image.
  • Photography what you love and love what you photograph. Even if no one else understands your relationship.
  • I have 9 cameras and not once have they ever photographed anything from being in storage.
  • I have always be told that photography is about light, but I also think it is about warmth, cold, hot, taste, smell and texture. Kodak may have created smellable paper, but if an image can make me taste a cup of coffee it is one hell of an image.
  • I missed one of my favorite sunsets trying to find the right ND filter for my camera. I wish my DSLR was a point and shoot. Oh wait…I get it you still need to point and shoot.
  • I love looking at photo books. Where else can you find such a place as the world someone else lives in.
  • I miss Forte Warmtone Paper.
  • On any given day with my 8×10 camera I get to take 6-8 shots (on a good day). I usually get 1-2 keepers. When I shoot my SLR cameras I shoot hundreds of images. I usually get 1-2 keepers. While the results may be the same, the experience of shooting is not the same. I sure do love the variety.
  • Funny how the more I shoot the better I think my images get.

July 26, 2010

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