The difference between a bad photograph and an ok photograph is miles.

The difference between an ok photograph and a good photograph is a few feet.

The difference between a good photograph and an amazing photograph is millimeters.

The difference between an amazing photograph and an iconic photograph is a soul.

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What if you only had one photograph

What if you only had one photograph

If you were going to take only one photograph today what would it be? Would you get up early and catch the sunrise over the mountains? Would you photograph your latte that you picked up from the corner coffee shop that you so religiously visit that you have been...
Not every photo tells the real story

Not every photo tells the real story

I was driving down a dusty road. I think (my first mistake) a nail in the fence post catches my eye. The car creeps forward under its own inertia.  The sun hangs low on the horizon. As the red chevy truck older than myself passes by, a flurry of dust enveloped the...

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