The difference between a bad photograph and an ok photograph is miles.

The difference between a ok photograph and a good photograph is a few feet.

The difference between a good photograph and an amazing photograph one is millimeters.

The difference between an amazing photograph and an iconic photograph is a soul.

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Just one thing to be better

If there was just one thing you could do to make your photography better would you do it? I would be willing to bet that if you were to print more of your photographs you would put yourself on the fast track to getting better.   When you print you can no longer...

What if you only had one photograph

If you were going to take only one photograph today what would it be? Would you get up early and catch the sunrise over the mountains? Would you photograph your latte that you picked up from the corner coffee shop that you so religiously visit that you have been...

2015 Workshops

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Digital Negatives  & the Alternative Process Print

the Complete Lightroom Workshop

Digital Black and White

Art of the Shot (Shooting on Whidbey Island)