Out of the nest

We have a nesting pair of eagles by the house. This is the time of the summer where the little ones start to stretch their wings and learn to fly. I was out of on a walk yesterday and both had moved to the branch above the nest. Pretty cool to watch them grow up and...

Gone Fishing

Tonight a little fishing was happening down on the beach by the house. The water creates a strong┬árip tide and when the tide is going out there can be a few shallows where the fish congregate. And where there is fish herons can’t be far behind. A fun quick...

Perceptive Photographer #24: Key Critique Concepts

I was recently asked by a listener about what makes a good critique session. While we have talked a lot on the podcast about language and critiques, in this episode we take a deeper look at the content that, in my own experience, makes critiques valuable. While some...

2015 Whidbey Island Workshops

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